Press release: Emergency rent freeze

Central Scotland MSP Monica Lennon has called on SNP and Scottish Green MSPs to reconsider their opposition to an emergency rent freeze.

The Scottish Labour and Co-operative representative took part in a heated exchange on the need to prevent tenants from rip-off rent hikes during a Scottish Parliament debate on Covid-19 recovery legislation.

Proposals to introduce an emergency rent freeze until 2025 were introduced by Mercedes Villalba, a Scottish Labour MSP for North-East Scotland.

Monica spoke in support of the amendments and criticised the SNP and Scottish Green coalition partners for failing to take the cost of living crisis seriously.

Monica said: “Renters are among the people worst hit by the pandemic and now they are at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis.

“Instead of taking this vital opportunity to protect tenants from rip-off rent hikes, the

Scottish Government used its parliamentary majority to block a reasonable plan for a temporary rent freeze.

“The freeze was backed by Living Rent, Scotland’s tenants’ union and the STUC on behalf of workers. The Scottish Greens used to fight for tenants’ but instead found themselves being praised by the Tory benches for siding with landlords.

“An emergency rent freeze is not radical – it is the very least we should be doing to make COVID recovery a reality for tenants – and I would urge MSPs who voted against the proposals to reconsider their position.”