Monica Lennon MSP calls for emergency General Election amid Westmintser chaos

Monica Lennon MSP, along with many living in Central Scotland has backed an online petition calling for an immediate general election due to the crises at Westminster. The petition, which has collected over 600,000 signatures in total, including from Lanarkshire, was debated this week in Parliament, days after Liz Truss fired her chancellor. 

Commenting, Monica Lennon said:  

“The chaos that has surrounded the current UK government this past year is only getting worse. My constituents need competent leadership to support them through the cost-of-living crisis and implement effective policy. What we have instead is complete incompetence from a Tory Prime Minister who has lost the support of 8 out of 10 of her own party members. 

“It’s clear that this current Tory government is not fit for purpose. Inflation is now over 10%, the cost of food is rising, and too many people can no longer afford to heat their homes. The UK government should be making it better for people, but under Liz Truss the situation is getting scarier by the day. 

“The choice of who should govern should be left in the hands of the people. No one voted for Liz Truss. I support the thousands of people across Lanarkshire who have signed a petition calling for an election. This petition has already led to a debate in the UK Parliament, and while it remains open, I urge people to sign it and send a strong message to this rotten government. Enough is enough.